Cepher App revisa

It should be a sin…

I think the CEPHER is good as a bible, but I think it should be a sin not to have iCloud or some type of syncing in 2018. The times I’m studying on my iPad I save notes and bookmarks. Then I might have a conversation with someone and want to view something I saved previously, but now I’m on my phone and they are not there. Now I just upgraded my iPhone and I have to start all over again. Smh! Wow!

Font on Bible reading no longer large

Since the last update, my Bible font reading is very small. When I adjust the font, only the home page, table of contents and chapter numbers increase,. The actual Bible words are still small. It’s very frustrating. I’m no longer a book reader because I love being able to adjust font sizes. Please fix this. Thank you for fixing the night vision because I keep mine on the night viewer. I have and IPad Air


iPhone X support is finally here. Great app and definitely worth the money.

Needs to have chapter at top of each page

This is a great app but it needs to have the chapter at the top of each page for reference. This would be good if you had to pause and then return to reading. And if you click on “book” to get the list of chapters, the chapter you’re on should be highlighted.

Resource options on app not working for me

I purchased this yesterday in great excitement after watching an episode on YouTube, but was disappointed when the resource options did not access anything and wondering if I’m doing something wrong or need to do something to be able to access the resources? - anybody else having this issue? I contacted CEPHER to report this issue but haven’t heard back from them yet

Good but

Love the update but a few errors. Search engine can still be proven but one thing we lost during the update. The ability to see what chapter we’re reading. Can we please bring that back.

Great App!

Shalom, Great app, thanks for fixing the copy and paste function, but noticed the buttons for blog and so on no longer works... Other then that all is great... Hope you release a ebook version soon for Kindle White Reader soon.

Please fix!

When it's in night mode, and you tap on a word for meaning, the background is white along with the words. So, you can barely see the words. But it shows up well in day mode. Please fix it!!

Certain things in the app isn’t working

Can’t access any of the resources, or the settings. When these issues are resolved I will give it a 5 Star.

***Update*** Excellent Resource!!

Initially, I thought the price for this resource was high, but as I have used it for many months, I realize how important and priceless the CEPHER is. I found myself coming back to it alongside other translations and have often preferred it. After regular usage, many of the names are now easier to recall, but the meanings are what heighten the clarification of right many difficult passages. I purchased a hard copy of the 3rd edition of the CEPHER not long after being introduced to the app. I am quite impressed with it (the paper is amazing by the way), but I quickly saw how much I underestimated this app’s functionality and value. I still use both and have even purchased a hard copy of the lexicon. The minor issues I had are next to non-existent now, so they are no longer even worth mentioning. I do, however, look forward to the implementation of audio and will gladly update this review to 5 stars upon its implementation. Thank you CEPHER publishing for your diligence; I am truly appreciative of the work that has gone into this project of recovery.

App Not Working Completely

I don’t want to give a bad review and I will be happy to change it once you fix the bugs. I cannot open any of the resources. I can open the Torah, the Bible preface, the blogs or get to your website via the app. Is this all supposed to work? Please fix it and I will be happy to rate you higher. Shalom

Excellent Tool, But For The Price...

This is a must have in terms of its authenticity and the integrity that is seen in every aspect. My only concern is that for $21.99 I expected this to have all of this along with the features you would get from other FREE apps (Youversion for example) such as having audio capabilities, being able to hear the scriptures while working out or on the road, or having access to additional foot notes or at least cross referencing other verses in the scriptures which is not present at all sadly. I was also a little dismayed that none of the Home tab Resource link buttons are responsive at all. The translation, transliteration, defining of the name(s) associated with the Most High, and complete texts along with the research that went into this alone is definitely worth paying for... but I was honestly hoping for more

A true blessing to read

It’s a blessing that the people over at CEPHER publishing work so hard to give us this translation. I understand what others say about the functionality of this app compared to other bible apps; but the message that is delivered within the CEPHER should far surpass any kind personal problems that people have with the functions of the app itself. I’m sure as time goes on, the developers will add updates to address people’s “ease of reading” issues, but we should put our focus into the message being delivered to use and not into how “easily” we can get it delivered to us. Thank you very much, everyone at CEPHER publishing, for all the work you have put into translating and making an app for modern day reading. I hope to save enough one day to purchase a hard copy of the CEPHER, but am very pleased nonetheless with the purchase of your app. Many blessings to you all and I look forward to what you guys will put out in the future. Shalom

Great but not enough

I just purchased this app and it’s not quite what I expected. I have other bible apps and they do more and there free! So I expect more for the price I’m paying. I think audio would help me pronounce words better. The bookmark isn’t working for me and I should be able to get more definitions for words I don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good way to read the scriptures. But for a lost person who is trying to get answers, I need more from this app.

So Thankful

I feel like I’m reading the most correct version of Yahuah’s word for the first time in my life. I view the price of the app as I would a purchase of an actual printed book instead of a typical app. It’s less expensive than buying a hard copy of just about any Bible out there. So now I have a portable, lightweight version with immediate notes about restored names — a very useful tool. To me it’s not as much about app functionality as having a correct resource. And updates are free for life! Hopefully our purchases will provide the needed funds for a small publisher to continue expanding the apps capabilities. I look forward to the planned audio version. I’m also planning a hard copy purchase ... Thanks Dr. Pidgeon and the Cepher team for all your hard work. The Word is essential for our very lives.

Iphone 8

I am having major problems every solved I switched from. My iPhone 7 to 8. I can select a book and verse but when I do I get a blank screen and there are no words where the scriptures once were.

Good app

I wish you guys put an English version too.

This app is extremely incredible this is what I’ve been looking Fore A very long time

I was just wondering if you can add different languages so could be translated for example like Spanish What would really love to show this app to my mother but I can’t because it is in English That is the only issue I have but anything else I love this app I totally recommend it for anybody to read Thank you so much for listening to my review And if there is a translation of this app can you show me Thank you

Search Engine

Trying to find particular bible verses can be hit or miss. I spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to find a bible verse and ended up just going to google and found it. Please upgrade the Search Engine in the app. This app would get a 5 star rating from me if the search engine were upgraded and the copy and paste issue with iPhone was fixed. Other than that I love the ETH CEPHER!!

Great on the Go. Needs Audio though.

I love this for on the go researching and studying. Only thing I wish for is an audio function where I can actually listen to the scriptures. I not only like to read but I like to hear the scriptures as well and can listen while at work. I prefer to feed my mind versus listening to music. Once enough $$ is saved I will definitely buy hard copy but this will do for now!!

No text after selecting verse. Update (FIXED)

No text after selecting verse on iPhone X. Yes, I am on the latest iOS version. Please update, until then I have wasted $22 dollars and my rating will remain 1 Star. This has been fixed now, thank you developers!

Just purchased

Are there any plans to add audio?

App no longer producing text and not accessible

I have been using the app for almost a year, I use Voice Over with the iPhone to read text; the app no longer produces text after selecting a book and chapter; I also sent a email to your company via the contact link on their web site, this is a expensive app, great when it worked! iPhone X *Update: this app still does not let anyone who uses voice over with the iPhone X or the updated iOS to use the app or listen to/read any of the content with in this app. It would be great if you guys actually read the comment section here, this app should be universally accessible to anyone whether they have a disability or not, please, learn what accessibility means and implemented for everyone, we really appreciate it… This is godly…

Great Content and Great Value!

I am thrilled with the functionality and ease of use! The eth CEPHER is now my “go to” for mobile scripture study. This app is a must for hard copy CEPHER readers... this provides tools for taking notes as well as a search function that lets you easily find topical material in any individual book or collective. I especially like how it saves and stores notes based on highlighted content. Five stars all the way and worth every penny!

Doesn't support iPhone X

Unrelated, but if the developers are reading this, can you make an app for the Microsoft Store on Windows 10? I would like to use this Bible on desktop as well.

Please fix copy and paste

Great app!! I love the Hebrew names and the additional books. I used to be able to use the copy and paste but that function is not working anymore. It is a good tool to share the scripture. Please fix!

No text

The application no longer produces text when you click into the specific book, chapter, and verse. DO NOT purchase until this is fixed. App is now useless.

App has NO text

What has happened?? I have the app still but NO scripture is in it. And when I go to app support there is no way to access via mobile as it keeps switching the pages so I can not enter a problem, therefore I am doing it here on Reviews. Please respond and correct. Thank you.

Love it!! Please fix the copy function.

I love everything about this app. The only thing is when I want to copy something and I highlight it, it will say that it has been copied to the clipboard. But when I go to paste it, nothing shows up. Other than that, I use this app everyday! Thanks for putting this in an app format.

Great bible, but poor reading experience

This is a great bible. I’d love reading it, if only reading it would be a great experience. Three things needs to change. 1. Put a feature request option somewhere so I can share thoughts about improvements ng the app. 2. Put a search box on the “book” tab. 3. There is no excuse for losing my reading spot, ever. Why should I have to remember where I stopped reading (chapter and verse) and manually go find that spot every morning. For the price I paid for this bible, it must at the very least remember my spot. Please fix this, and I’ll give you 5 stars.

Such a fantastic app!

I’m thrilled just to have access to the Cepher on the go! Love the landscape mode and the night mode! And the ability to highlight more than one verse is great. The only thing that would make it more amazing would be audio and be able to sync your bookmarks and notes across the iCloud on your devices so I can pick up on my iPhone where I left off on my iPad Pro. As of now this app doesn’t even show up on my iPad Pro under Settings with the rest of the apps. And possibly an app for the Mac somewhere down the road?

Phenomenal App and book Collection

I love the word our Father and having access to this collection of writings is comforting. The notes, highlighting and bookmarking features are excellent! If I could add anything to the app, I would add a similar feature as the Blue Letter Bible app has and that's being able to tap on any verse and see the original language and the meanings. One example would be in Chanok 59:5 when alluding to the power of the moon's light. I would like to see the original language and usage of what was translated into 'light' to better understand the power, etc. I do appreciate, however, the links within the Cepher app that bring up the meanings of the names. Shalom! Get the app it's worth the $21

Excellent book of the Devine Word

This book is great! So happy I downloaded it. A must have to all who believe in the Most High. The features are top notch. Just needs to be able to have the creators of this app add the audio feature and it's solid! Get it!

Improve the UI

This app does not utilize many features of other bible apps for navigation and interface. It is much like an advertisement for other things with a slightly changed KJV of the text thrown in almost as an afterthought.


I just purchased this app and was wonder if you were considering updating it. There's many things that can be added to enhance this app and make it better. Like adding audio or sending daily inspirational messages to phones. Yeah, I paid $22 but I think it could be greatly improved.

Fantastic!! For what it is, it's amazing.

I'm just thrilled that this is available in an App. I want to thank the developers for all of their work and desire in putting their time appointed to their lives in to this endeavor! The App is simple and functional. Possible updates I'm sure are in the works, but really this is huge that there are so many amenities already available for use.

Shame there is NO audio

I had hoped that with all the free Bible apps that have audio availability, surely an investment of $22 would permit the availability of audio to hear the beauty of the Divine Word... Alas, to no avail, this app sits as a reference instead of what I desired it to be, a true & worthy replacement for all the other free Bible apps, especially dealing with worsening eyesight issues... Maybe, someday an update of audio will make this expensive app useful as well to those of us eyesight impaired...

Was good but now you messed with it!

Hey guys I loved this app but with the last update you took away the ability to rotate the screen. Now it only works on portrait mode! I hate that because I always read in landscape mode and I use it on my iPad Pro and you have removed my ability to use the side window which only works in landscape. Please fix this very annoying glitch and I will up my stars!


Great bible. Has a lot of missing books. Names and places are in Hebrew.

Great book to learn and understand the almighty yahuah

Don't hesitate to pick up this book and read and gain true knowledge.

Frozen app

This would have been a good application but it freezes and will not function despite rebooting your cellular device. For the a response and fix should be immediate. Poor customer service

Great Bible Version.

I would give this app a 5 except for it not having bookmarks and not being able to use it in landscape mode. Otherwise it is great.

I had to jump through all kinds of iTunes hoops to get it.

It took a lot of attempts to download the App after figuring out that it isn't made for a MAC Mini. My Wife found out it was downloaded to iCloud instead of where my computer said it was. My iPhone 5 was not the place I would have wanted the App. After my Wife got it on my iPhone I found out it was only and advertisement for the App that I had to select PURCHASE again after I had already purchased it. Then when the actual App came up I had to select OPEN and the App was downloaded. The settings on the APP were the first thing for me to do when I opened the App. I needed to set the FONTS to the MAX so I can read the Cepher Bible APP. Apps on my iPhone are basically useless to me because of the very small FONTS and is why I wanted the App on my MAC Mini. Hopefully the updates will allow the App to be moved to my MAC Mini in the near future.

Finally The Whole Book

This was long overdue, a complete Bible. The Cepher was a dream come through and the app is a double portion fulfillment. Would love to see a bookmark, text copy, and landscape function, but even without it; this is worth the purchase.

Works great!

A perfect way to bring my Cepher with me. The search works great and is really fast.

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